AWS WorkDocs

Amazon WorkDocs is a fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service with strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities that improve user productivity.Users can comment on files, send them to others for feedback, and upload new versions without having to resort to emailing multiple versions of their files as attachments. Users can take advantage of these capabilities wherever they are, using the device of their choice, including PCs, Macs, tablets and phones. Amazon WorkDocs offers IT administrators the option of integrating with existing corporate directories, flexible sharing policies and control of the location where data is stored. Customers can get started using Amazon WorkDocs with a 30-day free trial providing 1 TB of storage per user for up to 50 users.nAmazon WorkDocs offers an Administrative SDK, currently in public preview. The Administrative SDK allows you to integrate your applications with Amazon WorkDocs by performing content and permissions updates, and managing users, programmatically. You can sign-up for the public preview here.nbsp;


API Paths

Abort Document Version Upload (GET) /?Action=AbortDocumentVersionUpload OpenAPI
Activate User (GET) /?Action=ActivateUser OpenAPI
Add Resource Permissions (GET) /?Action=AddResourcePermissions OpenAPI
Create Folder (GET) /?Action=CreateFolder OpenAPI
Create Notification Subscription (GET) /?Action=CreateNotificationSubscription OpenAPI
Create User (GET) /?Action=CreateUser OpenAPI
Deactivate User (GET) /?Action=DeactivateUser OpenAPI
Delete Document (GET) /?Action=DeleteDocument OpenAPI
Delete Folder (GET) /?Action=DeleteFolder OpenAPI
Delete Folder Contents (GET) /?Action=DeleteFolderContents OpenAPI
Delete Notification Subscription (GET) /?Action=DeleteNotificationSubscription OpenAPI
Delete User (GET) /?Action=DeleteUser OpenAPI
Describe Document Versions (GET) /?Action=DescribeDocumentVersions OpenAPI
Describe Folder Contents (GET) /?Action=DescribeFolderContents OpenAPI
Describe Notification Subscriptions (GET) /?Action=DescribeNotificationSubscriptions OpenAPI
Describe Resource Permissions (GET) /?Action=DescribeResourcePermissions OpenAPI
Describe Users (GET) /?Action=DescribeUsers OpenAPI
Get Document (GET) /?Action=GetDocument OpenAPI
Get Document Path (GET) /?Action=GetDocumentPath OpenAPI
Get Document Version (GET) /?Action=GetDocumentVersion OpenAPI
Get Folder (GET) /?Action=GetFolder OpenAPI
Get Folder Path (GET) /?Action=GetFolderPath OpenAPI
Initiate Document Version Upload (GET) /?Action=InitiateDocumentVersionUpload OpenAPI
Remove All Resource Permissions (GET) /?Action=RemoveAllResourcePermissions OpenAPI
Remove Resource Permission (GET) /?Action=RemoveResourcePermission OpenAPI
Update Document (GET) /?Action=UpdateDocument OpenAPI
Update Document Version (GET) /?Action=UpdateDocumentVersion OpenAPI
Update Folder (GET) /?Action=UpdateFolder OpenAPI
Update User (GET) /?Action=UpdateUser OpenAPI